Hello my wonderful TLB fans! I am SO excited to release my little e-cookbook today! I began Two Little Buns bakery because I saw first hand just how powerful food choices can be for overall health-- both ours and the planet. I believed that higher quality, tastier foods could be created despite the need to avoid gluten and animal products.

In gratitude to all of those wonderful TLB fans, I have put together this e-cookbook showcasing some of the bakery's best selling items. Every recipe is gluten-free, vegan, and super delicious!

Why an e-book versus printed books? A big aspect of TLB was being a low impact bakery. To continue that pledge, it only made sense to make it digital. Besides! How often are you on a device looking up a recipe online while you've got stacks of cookbooks collecting dust? I know I do! Ha!

me with ebook 3.JPG

This is a short, sweet, and to the point style book...just like the author. ;)
In this recipe e-book, you will find sixteen different recipes, several of which were top selling items at the bakery. 

Basic Bread and Buns
Pizza Crust
Banana Bread Muffins
Cheesey Crunchers
Pizza Crunchers
Everything Sticks
Maple Grahams
Energizer Buns
Power Nuggets
Ranch Dip
Pesto Spread
Cheesey Sauce
Facon Sauce
Hearty Bean Balls
Shepherd's Pie
Broccoli Cheesey Calzone

At just $15, that's less than one dollar per recipe! And think about it.... cheesey crunchers...whenever you want....for life. YUM!

Follow this link to get your copy!
You will be taken to my Gumroad page, thank you so much!!