As of January 2018:

After almost three years in business, it is bittersweet to officially announce my decision to close TLB. I want to start by thanking every single one of you for your support and encouragement on this monumental journey, whether as a customer or fellow food business owner. I have grown so much professionally, but perhaps most profoundly as a person and I have all of you to thank. 💕

I have learned just how hard I can work when I carry passion for what I do, and the people and community that I have been exposed to has changed my life permanently and positively.


I also learned that I am capable of wearing many, many hats. The name might be Two Little Buns, but 95% of the time it was just one little I not only created specialty recipes and baked at night, but I stood and sold at markets the next day, and every other task in between. I grew lonely.

As TLB's customers and profits went up, I started slowing down. I never got to see my friends, family, and most importantly my husband.

It started to sink in that the baker's life simply isn't for me. I never would have known unless I tried, and I will be forever greatful that I did, as this served to be a pivotal branching in my path. I chose to go plant-based and a new world of possibility opened for me.

I am ecstatic to announce that I am beginning a new venture as a personal trainer (to start), with visions of promoting plant-based eating through offering in-home cooking classes and food preparation. As a vegan baker, I have learned many tips and tricks in the kitchen. 😏

Plant based eating blew my athletic performance out of the water, and set ablaze my drive for physical fitness. I want to share that enthusiasm with the world. Follow my new journey on Instagram!!

So many of you have reached out over the last six months, noticing my absence at markets almost immediately. It has been heartwarming and flattering to have so many persistent fans reach out and encourage me to share my magic with the world. As a parting gift to all you lovely humans, I will be sharing several fan favorite recipes in a cookbook!! That's right! You will have your chance to recreate some of your favorites at home- any time! Stay tuned as I share progress and details on this exciting project! 

 Much love to you all 💕🐰🐰💕