Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing little teaser details of what will be in the cookbook! As I mentioned before, I will be including many of the best-selling goods I created for TLB. Don’t worry, before the book is finished and ready for sale, I will be sure to post a full listing of every recipe included.


One of the front runners has always been those vegan pizza shells. Not only are they gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free — the dough is very versatile. Throw in some basil and garlic and roll out some pizza crusts! Or perhaps add in some italian herbs and nutritional yeast to create cheesey breadsticks to die for! Take that same dough the sweet route, and with just some brown sugar and cinnamon, you will have a hearty cinnamon roll for breakfast!

Oh! And that vegan cheesey sauce you see so lovingly drizzled on the pizza? That will be in the cookbook too :)

So until the cookbook is ready, I’m just gonna leave these mouth watering images right here….. and maybe take a bite! YUM!