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As many of you know, I made the decision to close the bakery and pursue a new venture as a personal trainer with a focus in fitness nutrition.

It was only after several different pleas over several months that I began to realize just how loved my recipes were. I am flattered and I am honored to share some of my most popular recipes with you.

I may have said by-by to the Buns, but not to making fabulous foods! I plan to continue creating and sharing more healthy plant-based recipes through my new venture, Taproot Training.

When it comes to optimal health, food is just as important as exercise! For future recipes, fitness tips, and motivation to take charge of your life, check out my new venture!

I have also decided to house the TLB cookbook on my new site, in an effort to bring all of my gluten-free and vegan food knowledge under one umbrella and move forward.

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